Clean Power is energy that is generated from renewable, environmentally friendly resources including solar, wind and biomass. Conventional electricity generation, based on the combustion of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas, is the world’s single largest contributer to global warming.

We at GWS are committed to building a better way to power the world. Based in South East Asia we are positioned to take advantage of new legislation, lowered production costs and rapidly

expanding markets enabling us to leverage technology into real global solutions.

Benefits of Clean Power

Committing to green power offers a variety of benefits to businesses, homes and institutions, including:


SustainabilityMany leading corporations around the world such as Coca Cola, HSBC and Lloyds are establishing environmental programs, policies and commitments to make their operations and practices sustainable.

Public Perception and Trust Green power can help improve an organization’s public image and increase consumer and
investor loyalty by demonstrating environmental stewardship.

Power Reliability On-site renewable generation can be a more reliable source of power than power distributed through the
electric grid as well as reduce ongoing operational costs.

“We blew it” on global food, says Bill Clinton

“We all blew it, including me”, by treating food crops like color TV’s instead of as a vital commodity for the world’s poor.

“If we’re going to do biofuels, we ought to look at the more efficient kind,” he said referring, for example, to the jatropha shrub, a nonfood source that grows on land not suitable for grain.


GWS joined JatrophaWorld 2008 as one of the delegates which was held June 9 to 11 in Miami at the Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel.

JatrophaWorld 2008 brings together expertise, research and investors from all over the world, presenting new perspectives
relevant to the investment outlook in the world.

JatrophaWorld 2008 is the most authoritative platform for all stakeholders in the Jatropha business.
At JatrophaWorld 2008 delegates receive access latest information, and insider insights which shape the business and
investment future in Jatropha.

Thailand is developing a master plan to build the country into the world’s second largest green energy producer by 2015.
HE Lt General Poonpirom Liptapanlop Thailand Minister of Energy conversed in detail with us at BITEC regarding the ongoing
and future developments of Jatropha and appreciated the amount of knowledge, detail and the scope that Green World is
establishing and building of Jatropha to become a major energy source for Thailand.

Thailands Energy Minister address the energy crisis and global warming concerns by delivering five policies for government
officials under the Ministry of Energy to put into vigorous practice and assures that the Ministry of Energy is prepared
to work hard to strengthen energy security, to accelerate alternative energy supply and distribute fuel risks to reduce
oil consumption and import, to ensure fair energy prices and to protect consumers particularly in terms of safety, to forge
ahead the use of gasohol, biodiesel and NGV as primary alternative energy for Thailand, and to promote clean energy in all
aspects together with environmental protection, in the hope that the private sector and general public will work together
to push forward energy conservation to eventually attain sustainable reduction of energy consumption in the future. “they
will pave a foundation for energy to be a key driver of a sustainable and stable economy of Thailand,” summed up by
Lieutenant-General Poonpirom Liptapanlop.

Thailand Energy Minister Poonpirom Liptapanlop
w/ GWS M.D. Teeraphol Kachamit

Environmental Technology Renewable Energy Exhibition in S.E. Asia was located at booth number 24.

Our 20 Thousandth Jatropha Tree!
24th August, 2007

GWS has now planted 20,000 Jatropha trees and has already begun planting the next 20 thousand!
A special thank you to all the GWS employees and investors who have made the continual growth of our company possible.

We now have over 30 full time employees planting trees every day. By years end we expect to have 100 thousand hectares
under plant.